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41st Annual John’s Pass Seafood Festival

  Johns Pass Seafood Fest 

This was our first large event since starting back in July of 22. We weren’t quite sure what to expect other than to be ready for a big crowd. We spent the week getting ready creating a custom menu and finding as many whole snapper as possible.  Madiera beach Recreation along with visit Florida advertised and organized this amazing event. As I was prepping the trailer a few days prior to the festival I recieved a call from Max with Madiera beach rec . He told me a news reporter wanted to do a short story for coverage of the upcoming festival and wanted to know if I was available!! I am not one to jump in front of a camera but I could not pass up the opportunity to get our business exposure. We met with the reporter and cooked some food for everyone to try. 


The time came for us to set up which was at 6am on Friday! It was cold and rainy but we were pumped and ready to get the show started. All of our prep and hard work was about to be put to the test. Lucky for us we had two amazing friends helping us out. Kristin helped prep and dress the orders while Alan was our number one hype man pulling customers in and making sure everyone was having a great time. Things were running smoothly for the most part and despite the colder somewhat rainy weather we had a good crowd and by Sunday afternoon we had sold out of Everything! Working the festival gave us  confidence and reassured us that we were going to make it in this business.  


We are so thankful for all the love and support we received over the weekend at Johns pass seafood festival. We were busy putting out great food made with love and we had people fighting lines and cold weather just to come back and let us know how much they enjoyed the food! The best part was watching a beautiful fish leave the window one after the other and seeing everyone else’s response! We had a few repeat customers and some even brought friends to try our food!

What an amazing experience! We look forawrd to doing it again in 2024


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